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The prime duty of students is character building. College and School education imparts students completeness in their character. Balanced diet, healthy body, civilized character and a mind full of high sensibility and right thinking is important for every student. The main objective of education is to lead students from darkness to light, to impart humbleness and to acquire efficiency with power of sense. Every man can acquire his objective very simply by improving qualities of good thinking, boldness, discipline, far-sightedness, hard labour and by strong intension of education.
In ancient days students got education in Gurukuls away from their families. Now students have to get education in school, colleges and universities. They can build their career by self-power, hard labour, civility and dutifulness.
Our college lay emphasis on combining the World of Theory with the Word of Practice. Students willing to shape their future career with the brilliance are invited at this college to achieve the ambitions of life.

Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College (Aurangabad ) has been established by supposing centre point of social justice for all round development of the backward class, schedule caste and the poor. This step will prove hundred percent success for the construction of the nation. The glory of high construction of the nation depends on today? students. I have full belief that students will acquire sound knowledge and represent and ideal that the college will feel proud of. Our good wishes and expectations are with them.

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