Concerned with freedom revolution and localized on the high-way (G.T. Road) and in the heart of district headquarter of Aurangabad, Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College, was established in 1971. Affected with political and social injustice, the establishment of Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College by the hands of backward class people and the minorities was an accidental happenings. This was result of the pledges of co-workers of the schedule case, the backward class , the minorities and the poor of this town that the college came into existence. Late Ramlakhan Singh Yadav a freedom fighter, social worker, leader and M.P. of this town was the first secretary and Kamta Prasad Agrawal (Advocate) was made the first chairman of the college. By the work of these two prominent personalities, The Tekari State Sayeeda Khatoon?s building at Shahpurgarh was received for the college building. Dr. D.S. Tewari was selected as the first principal of this college. The college faced many primary obstructions during his work and he faced with great boldness and clarity. After that Dr. Baidyanath Singh, Dr. Nathuni Singh, Chandradev Mahto, Dr. Ganesh Prasad Singh, Prof. Ramnaresh Singh and Dr. Reyazuddin Ahmed and Dr. Brajesh Kumar Rai like personalities preceded the college as principal.

The auspicious chapter of the history started with the registration of the college by the Bihar Government in 1975-76. As a secretary; Sri Jagdish Chandra Yadav (Advocate), Ex. M. P. Late Ramnaresh Singh alias Lotan Singh, Late Ramnandan Singh, Head of Baroon and Ramlakhan Singh Yadav had administrative contribution of the college. The college progressed economically as well as administratively on every point and in the office of late Ramnaresh Singh, permanent building- ?the abode of Shahpur? came into existence. During the same period in 1978 the college was permanently shifted to its original building. On 30th Nov. 1985, the college was announced an affiliated body by the Bihar Government. As a result this college is an affiliated body of Magadh University (Bodh-Gaya) since 1986.

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